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Artist Bio: ACIDTRAIN, Off The Rails Industrial Psych

LA-based darkwave disco king, ACIDTRAIN, is casting spells across the finest underground spaces around. From frequenting Los Globos to hitting the California coast with the local rippers Dildox, ACIDTRAIN stays on the move keeping the grooves and cassettes in supply.


You’re up again past 4 AM out on the curb basking under a streetlight, feet exhausted from a night long of shaking your bones like there’s no tomorrow. Your head's still bouncing around while an earworm from the headliner's set crawls around your brain. Those synths were so dark and dreamy, how do they get me so amped up to move around? Of course, N8NOFACE and Eyedress can get down, but this was something else, something surely ripe and ready for the eyes of the underground.

Red lights start flashing and the nearby crosswalk closes down, looks like the Red Lines pulling up soon. A piercing screech and the sound of twisted metal fly in your direction as the flickering lights morph to purple hues. Holding your hands up to block your face, a giant flash bang of electricity and heat hurls off the rails as a portal opens up for a locomotive you’ve never seen. Spray painted on the side of the iron beast, giant black letters spell out: ACIDTRAIN

As the founder of local tape label, Love Shine Records, ACIDTRAIN helps other local artists get their hands on physical releases while also curating a niche pocket of underground gems. From self-released singles and split EPs to dropping projects from rising artists like The Spires and TV Party, Love Shine Records is a DIY treasure trove.

When it comes to the soundscapes, ACIDTRAIN takes the wheel and flips a sharp left turn toward industrial post-punk x darkwave territory and swerves back around to worlds of psychedelic lo-fi. Retro futuristic bops for goths and punks who like to dance under the moonlight. With tracks like "Disco Lights" and "Lilith", ACIDTRAIN creates a sense of nostalgia for a time that hasn’t yet blossomed, it’s here in the moment urging you want to hop on the dance floor and sway around, Addam’s Family style. All aboard @acidtrain_la


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