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Album Review: Andy Quan Finds His Flow With "Breeze City"

Australian Lo-Fi and Chillhop artist, Andy Quan Takes you on a trip with his new EP "Breeze City", out on streaming platforms everywhere, September 30th. With beautiful views surrounding his most recent trip to Albany, Quan finds the driving force behind his wheel. If you'd like to take a break and ride in the passenger seat for a bit while you kick your feet up, just let Andy do the driving with the perfect EP for the scenic route.


Recommended listeners of: Gramatik, BROCKBEATS, Jazzinuf Since 2019, Andy has been at it, making Lo-Fi and Chillhop beats and tracks from the comfort of his home in Perth, Australia. His recent trip to the small town of Albany seems to have brought out his inspiration to capture the calming and soothing sense of relaxation one gets from small beach towns, and combine it with the aesthetic of Japanese City-Pop. With his love for funky melodic guitars, and booming break beats, Andy sets the tone, and the mood for your next sunny day out. Being introduced to the bass guitar at the age of only eleven, Quan found his passion in music and soon after began using guitar tablature on his family's home computer to create quirky and abstract tunes. Not long after, this instilled a sense of pride in Andy and his music, enough so that he found himself showing his peers. Once he reached high school he was introduced to proper music production software by a friend, and the road to the exploration of music creation's complexities was laid out in before of him.

Currently, Andy is working with Tsunami Sounds, an international music and art label, focused on creating revitalizing themes, and capturing an essence of peace, power, and community. Working across music, art, game, and motion design, Tsunami Sounds aims to bring the arts together to tell compelling stories to its audience. It seems Tsunami Sounds has like minded goals with the creatives here at Clear Vision Collective. The two tracks included in "Breeze City", are titled "Seaside Rodes", and "Sand Temples". These prove to fitting names as their calming and soothing nature fully encompasses the sensation one gets when driving down a scenic coastal highway on a breezy afternoon, only to find yourself building sand castles and sun bathing to the beats.

When one ends and the other begins, they'll blend together like the warming rays of the sun and a salty coastal wind. Lets not forget the cover art by nonexistent captures the ocean and its simplicity, gifting the listener with an urge to pack up the car, the surf boards, and an ice chest, to capture the fleeting summer as it gives way to fall. Certainly the perfect tracks for your next beach side road trip. Be sure to pre-save them to be notified of their release, September 30th of this year, your playlist will thank you. Clear Vision reached out to Andy, through Tsunami Sounds to ask him a few questions.


Here's what he had to say:

Q: How has living in Australia affected your music?

A: "It's really chill here and quite relaxing honestly! My music tries to reflect that." Q: Who are some of your influences in the Lo-Fi and Chillhop genres? A: "I've been making music for a long time now - probably since I was 12, when I had just picked up the bass guitar and started experimenting with tablature software to create tunes. That was eleven years ago, and at the time I was heavily into slap bass and funky stuff, such as RHCP. Throughout high school I went through an EDM phase, and then discovered study and lo-fi type beats later on. My greatest chill-hop/ lo-fi influence is Saib!" Q: This is your first project with Tsunami Sounds, have you had representation before them?

A: "A bit! Best-selling author Doris Siu has written about me in her monthly digital magazine, "Hold On". I was fortunate enough to have an article feature in her June edition. Apart from that, I have been interviewed by Tape Deck Collective and Lofi Koala." Q: What was the most memorable thing about the creation of your lastest EP "Breeze City" A: "Breeze City" was written during my first two trips to Albany - a small country town 4 hours south of Perth. I brought down (and still do when I go there) my laptop, interface, guitar and headphones; and just sit at the apartment noodling away. I was heavily inspired by the beautiful ocean views and the hilly landscapes, and the chill vibe I felt translated into "Seaside Rodes" and "Sand Temples". These tracks have actually been renamed - originally, they were named after the hotel we stayed at. Once I had these song ideas down, I finished off the tracks at my home studio in Perth." That's great! We can't wait to see what Andy has in store for us next!

Be sure to stream "Breeze City" Thursday, September 30th and don't be afraid to feel those calm and relaxing vibes alongside Andy at any of his social media!

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