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Single Review: "Somehow Something Wrong Somewhere" Imp of Perverse Brightens the Cloudy Skies Above.

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

With a non-stop psychedelic and indie power-pop heatwave, Imp of Perverse take you back to the 80's with his latest EP "Somehow Something Wrong Somewhere". A retro sound and sizzling smooth vocals, Sean simmers you down to a nice broil and then covers you up like a steaming dish at your local dive bar. The crackling and popping of its rich flavors cast in iron, hot to the touch, only serve to draw in everyone's attention in the immediate vicinity. Have all your friends asking "who's this?" or "what's that?" in a matter of seconds as you serve them your favorite soul food, Imp of Perverse.


Recommended for listeners of; Sonic Youth, Vacations, Big Star With over eight years of work being manifested into this project, Austin Texas indie artist Imp of Perverse delivers this winter's shoegaze soundtrack with "Somehow Something Wrong Somewhere". His signature sound is delivered to us on cassette, which only amplifies its retro, or vintage appeal, and is doubled with his 2017 EP release "Not Getting What You Want, One Step At A Time". Packed with easy going, perfectly timed jazz beats, mixed with an enormous sound wall of guitar effects and vocalizations, Sean manages to draw in the ear of fans spanned across multiple genres. Imp of Perverse is soon to be a household name with previous coverage from outlets such as; Keep Austin, Houdini Mansions, American Pancake, and Cereal and Sounds, Sean is taking the industry's, and certainly Clear Vision's breath away. Writing, recording, and mixing everything himself at his home studio he takes the opportunity to experiment with his style of sound, with Imp of Perverse being only one of his many various side projects. Mentioning to us his goal with the album, he aims to simply "test out some new gear and try some different recording techniques" and we are beyond thrilled to be his test subjects.

If there are any out there who still hold dear their antique music equipment, be sure to dig out that old cassette player, or find yourself an old rusted and beat up car, and pop in Sean's professionally stickered and limited cassettes encased with amazing noir style artwork. Take yourself and whomever you deem worthy with you on your journey balk to the walk-man, mall-rat days, with his music being the perfect soundtrack for a cult-classic 80's flick. Get your retro fill with "Somehow Something Wrong Somewhere". Almost ending too soon, his EP leaves you wishing for more and more of his perfect combination of jazz drums, psychedelic/power-pop guitar, and soft soothing vocals. The 8 years spent refining it seem to pass through the heads of fans fleetingly as "repeat" is the only correct way to listen, almost like a holiday feast you can't wait to consume time and time again. If you're one of the few who don't enjoy "Holiday Music" and its consistent air play during the last two months of the year, we recommend casually streaming and mentioning Sean's EP to relatives, friends, and strangers alike the next time the AUX is open or someone asks for a song suggestion. It's certain to turn some home heads for the better as it's reached even some of our writer's personal playlists.


With Amazon and Bandcamp a mere click away, purchase a cassette player, get comfy, get cozy, bring your favorite people, pets, snacks and enjoy the breathing ride that is Imp of Perverse and "Somehow Something Wrong Somewhere". Keep yourself updated on everything Sean has in store by following him on his socials, and we will continue to bring you new and underground music like Imp of Perverse from around the globe.

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