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Premiere: Johnnyteardrops Finds Balance with "Akaline"

Johnnyteardrops delivers a dank new-school hip hop album with "Akaline". The crispy production is well-put together and includes features from indie adamz, Jay Reilly, Niko Cochi$e, and Lostintkyo.


Recommended for listeners of: Prof, Eyedea, and DJ Lucas.

The Buxx bando-trap-house-es-speciale recommended track is Dirty Words.

Tasty tune runner ups include Kin and Out the Deli.

Some of johnnyteardrops' flows get groovy and psychedelic. Quickly, the album springs into uptempo action with the second track “On Guard”. The tones used are reminiscent of the trippy deliveries of Redman.

Teardrops creates an atmosphere of classic boom bap beats revisited with way higher fidelity bass. This album's guaranteed to keep ya head-nodding, yet that's not the only take away from this project. The sung hooks and subtle use autotune shows the capacity of how Teardrops' style of hip hop can shape shift.

“Summerwind”, the first single from the album, is a super mellow sung R&B vibe, damn-near the ballad of the album. The real ass lyrics hit with a well intended groove. The track “Tomorrow’s Dose” also premiered prior to the album's release and carries a similar laidback feel, much more of a cruise down PCH at sunset feeling.

Stay tuned for more heat, johnnyteardrops is on a roll out here on the Central Coast of California. With his sights set on music videos and concerts, Teardrops' has a creative arsenal waiting to be unlocked.


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